Welcome To Maatouk Coffee!!

There are moments in life when the right mix of flavors come together to create a moment so pleasing to the senses that it’s all you can do to find your way back to it to repeat the experience over again.

The story begins like all great legends; in 1966 Mr. Ali Maatouk started this family business dealing with making coffee and oriental sweets.

The introduction occurred, the fact remains that the first Maatouk coffee shop was born in Down Town. It spread out all over Lebanon, Arab Countries on to other parts of the Middle East.

In 1983 a new shop was introduced in Ghobeiry and currently managed by Mr. Nabil Maatouk after his father death in 1994.

Maatouk Coffee has always been considered of the finest quality in taste and aroma and it was coveted as the BEST coffee of the Middle East. This standard was the guideline followed to compare coffees being produced elsewhere.

Maatouk coffee industry flourished and became one of the top most products that were produced to be exported to Arab and gulf countries.

Maatouk Coffee; It doesn’t take much to fall in love with this drink.





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